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Word (noun)

Angry Scotsmen have traced the word “word” back to 1990, when it was used by the Scottish hard rock band Gun in the song “Word Up!” This claim, however, is highly controversial—and rightly so. Well tonight, on this very mic, you’re about to hear—we swear—the best damn rappers of the year. So, so, cheerio, yell, scream, Bravo! The trailblazing Doug E Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew are on record (pun very much intended) rapping “word”—first Doug and then none other than Slick Rick, in rapid succession—in the 1985 hit single, “The Show:”

Slick Rick: Well here’s a little something that needs to be heard. Doug, I was going downtown—

Doug E Fresh: Word, Rick?

Slick Rick: Word!


Etymology coming soon!


Etymology coming soon!