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Interviews, Humor, & Clack



"The Man Who Rescued a Book From the Rain: A Conversation," Hobart (June 2018) ~ read

"Smoke and Mirrors: An Interview with Maia Jenkins," SmokeLong Quarterly (March 208) ~ read

"One Sentence at a Time: An Interview with Guest Reader Emma Smith-Stevens," SmokeLong Quarterly (January 2018) ~ read

"Hitting Shelves #45: The Australian by Emma Smith-Stevens," Fiction Advocate (May 2017) ~ read

"Smoke and Mirrors: An Interview With Emma Smith-Stevens," SmokeLong Quarterly, Issue 51 (March 2016) ~ read

A conversation with Fatimah Asghar, Day One (August 2015) ~ buy

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Interviewed by Claire Eder, Quarter After Eight, Vol. 21: (April 2015)

“I Can Feel Them, But They Don’t Know I’m There: An Interview with Emma Smith-Stevens,” The Collagist blog (March 2013) ~ read

"The Lightning Room With Emma Smith-Stevens," PANK (October 2012) ~ read

Interview with Lauren Groff, Subtropics website (February 2011) ~ read



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